15 thoughts on “Pre-generate characters?”

  1. DW characters are very quick to make, but one thing that speeds it up is to have them pick their class based on the trope rather than reading all the rules.

  2. Creation of Characters is what gets the whole game rolling. If done right, it will generate the setting for you. So forget about pregen characters. You HAVE TO make your own characters for this game.

    If anything, asj the players some time before the session, ahat are the names and classes of their charactes and prepare some questions that will make things go smoother. For a Bard ask ‘where did you obtain your intrument; or ‘what was the last town you played in like?’ which will force some extra infor about the world.

    The fact is, the characters in DW are already premade. there’s only a few choices to make for the character, but there’s a lot of story to tell. But the story can be actually treated as already playing versus character creation.

  3. I don’t know of anywhere to get pre-gens at the moment, but if you know who’s going to be playing fairly well, perhaps you can pre-gen the characters yourself, tailored to the players.

    Also, you can tailor the amount of pre-gen to allow your players to fill in a few details to make them feel like their own.

  4. I have had complete newbies to both role playing games and to the system.  It took less than 10 min to create characters.  Just print out the character playbooks and go.  Stat choice was by far the longest and most of that delay was the thought of where best to put what stat for the character class they choose.

  5. One other option is to do World of Dungeons instead of DW. Let them get a taste of the gameplay style, and plan DW for a future game. You can make a char for that in about 5 min

  6. You could also just pre-make them yourself with the starting stats and then maybe pick one or two advanced moves to give players a feel for the game but keep the stats at level 1, since it sound like you are just doing a one shot.

  7. I think you can give them sort of pre gen characters, if you’re up to a one shot.

    The really important thing is to give each one of them a set of questions (maybe you can write them on the character sheet) that create group dynamics, and, possibly, also the scenario you plan to play.

    Let us say, the scenario you’re thinking about is a heist. You may set up questions like:

    Who’s your mark, and why does she hates you? (thief)

    What is the important magical reagent that you searched for X? Why do you owe him a favor? (Wizard)

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