Sword of Grephyndrog (Intelligent)

Sword of Grephyndrog (Intelligent)

Sword of Grephyndrog (Intelligent)

This rare and powerful sword takes into itself that which makes it stronger.

When you hold a magical item up to the Sword of Grephyndrog and pray upon it for several moments, the magical item disintegrates and its power is captured within the sword.

Use each power the same way you would prior to its integration into the sword. Any complications this may have are handled by the GM.

The Sword of Grephyndrog has a will its own. It appears to those worthy of wielding it. One must continually show the sword they are worthy by doing deeds of selflessness each day. Every day you go without a selfless deed, take -1 Ongoing. If you reach -3 Ongoing, the Sword of Grephyndrog disappears in search of a worthy wielder, and you lose all -Ongoing.


8 thoughts on “Sword of Grephyndrog (Intelligent)”

  1. His name is Garry Porter 😜


    If you have graduated from the school of magic and belonged too the class of Grephyndrog, you may wield its sword

  2. This essentially takes the Fighter’s advanced move “Blacksmith” and gives it to anyone and reduces it to a few moments of time.

    Could see where the item quickly becomes overpowered. Mybe it can only have one ability at a time or some other limitation?

  3. Eric Lochstampfor My favorite part about the Sword of Gryffindor

    Sword of Grephyndrog is that it only appears to those that it deems worthy. Adding a sentence about praying only “after you’ve shown exceptional bravery and loyalty” would get that fiction firing.

  4. How about some more interesting consequences than just -1? Look at the artifacts that Jeremy Strandberg has been making for Stonetop for some ideas.

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