They say the Giving Tree is a marvel to behold, friend: children play amongst his branches; it sparkles with gift and ribbons and colors; near to it you’ll surely find warm bread and fruit, a soft spoken friend, or silk-like skin.

They say it will give you riches, it will take the dead back from the grave, it will give you anything your heart desires! 

Come with us, friend – partake the Tree’s gifts, rejoice!

You have nothing to fear.

Trust me.

8 thoughts on “THE GIVING TREE”

  1. Andrea Serafini Wonderfully creative but numerous spelling/format/grammar errors require another draft.

    (Pot calling kettle black, I know)

  2. Thanks, Mark Tygart 

    Unfortunately i’m not a native speaker, if there is someone which would like to spend some time to help me with the proofreading, i would be wonderfully glad.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, and did a quick proofreading pass; hopefully you can see the suggestions I made. Totally adding it to my folder of pick-up-and-play Dungeon World starters.

  4. Your help was damn damn precious – i tried to push the +1 button more than once, but it seems +1 and adding you as editor in the credits is the maximum i can do.

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