Here is a link to the newest episode of Discern Realities.

Here is a link to the newest episode of Discern Realities.

Here is a link to the newest episode of Discern Realities.

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The newest episode of Discern Realities is here! Enjoy!

What Happened Here Recently?

Death Frost Doom abridged (00:20)

What Should I Be On the Lookout For?

DW resources page on the Die Heart blog (05:22)

What Here is Not What it Appears to Be?

Making and introducing compendium classes (06:52)

What Here is Useful or Valuable to Me?

Labyrinth custom move (14:38)

What is About to Happen?

The ongoing adventures of Domenico Castafiel (19:15)

Double trouble (21:06)

Aftermath (23:14)

Iotho’s personal chambers (24:48)

Victor the bodyguard (26:36)

Iotho in bed (27:40)

16 thoughts on “Here is a link to the newest episode of Discern Realities.”

  1. Just started reading through ‘Death Frost Doom’ and am loving it – would either of you guys be willing to share your notes for conversion to Dungeon World?

  2. Kevin Konieczko Mine is pretty awful. It was one of the first OSR conversions I’ve done. I may revisit DFD at some point, though. I’ll tag David LaFreniere in case he wants to chime in about his.

  3. Jason Cordova Thanks! This would be my first OSR conversion and there are an awful lot of ‘cumulative -1’ effects that I’m not sure how to handle in Dungeon World. 

  4. Kevin Konieczko One thing I did that I’m really proud of is that, instead of doing traditional grim portents on my front, I actually drew twelve little skulls on an index card, to represent the crystal skulls in the first subterranean area. I crossed off a skull whenever I felt like the party was dawdling, or if I needed something to do on a 6-. It was great, because the players knew it meant something, but they had no idea what. It was a great way to tension the game. 

  5. Kevin Konieczko if you want to message me, I’ll let you know how I went about converting DFD. I radically changed some of the structure to serve my purposes of making it a one shot, but it still felt very creepy and unnerving to be there, so I think it worked

  6. David LaFreniere still got those Death Frost Doom 1-shot notes? I’d love to have a look. I’m in the process of going through the module for my group for tomorrow.

  7. David LaFreniere I apparently made a copy of Jason Cordova ‘s conversion notes from however long ago. Despite what he says, it isn’t awful. I’m skimming through it now to see what I can steal for my game. Thanks!

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