Ever Eternal Lich

Ever Eternal Lich

Ever Eternal Lich

HP: 1 (Falling apart, literally)

Armor : 0 (Damn these filthy robes)

Damage: 1d4

Special Qualities:

->When damage is taken, that would kill a natural living creature, the EEL turns to dust, and in a flash of blinding light returns to its form prior to taking damage.

-> Phylactery: The EEL is permanently destroyed if the phylactery is destroyed.


->Live forever

->Gain power


-> Cast Spell

-> Call Reinforcements

-> Retreat, to fight another day

-> Turn foes to fight for the EEL


12 thoughts on “Ever Eternal Lich”

  1. My Big Bad End Guy from the last campaign had a similar power set. Except he was like a normal dude who managed to turn himself immortal and also stopped feeling anything, so he hated his life.

    His primary motivation was to die. He was willing to summon elder beings from alternate planes into our world just so they would kill him. He was willing to destroy the planet in his suicide.

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