Top Five DW supplements:

Top Five DW supplements:

Top Five DW supplements:

Hi! I’m fairly new to this game, so after starting my reading of the core book I looked online for supplements. Can you recommend me your personal top five DW supplements and why are they good? I vaguely recall hearing good things about The Perilous Wilds, but that’s as far as I went.

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  1. Inverse world. the classes alone are worth the money, and the setting if really cool, but still vaguely-defined enough that your campaign belongs to your group.

    Grim world is a bit… lacking at times. the setting is hit or miss, and the races somewhat…problematic in places. also their attempt at race moves was… not as well done as it could have been, IMO. but most of the classes are cool.

    I’ve never actually gotten my hands on Class warfare, or adventures on dungeon planet, but i have heard great reviews of both (though, if you or your players are beginers, don’t use Class Warfare, it changes some of the engine, and its better to expirience basic dungeon world first)

  2. Perilous Wilds, Class Warfare, Adventures on Dungeon Planet, and the Story Games Names Project (not technically a DW supplement, but the same size, fun to read, and incredibly useful). Characters built with Class Warfare can be a bit (to a lot) more potent than the standard playbooks, but it depends on how you put them together – still very much worth getting.

  3. Perilous Wilds (and Freebooters on the Frontier) and Class Warfare top my list.  I also find Truncheon World handy as an alternative to carrying around the full rule book.  Marshall Miller ‘s Dungeon Starters have provided me with many very fun sessions as well.  Oh yeah, almost forgot, not a DW suplement but very useful are Dyson Logos ‘s dungeon maps.

  4. I got an awful lot out of Last Days of Anglekite. Its a setting. It’s the only one I’ve seen (outside of some ongoing projects) that shows how to lay the groundwork for an ongoing DW game in what I identify as the DW style.

    My campaign planning/notes got better after reading it.

  5. Last Days of Anglekite and Perilous Wilds. I also love the scenario toolkit Servants of the Cinder Queen, and the playbooks in Grim World (though the above criticisms are mostly accurate).

  6. My DW prep a lot of days is thumbing through the decks of DW monsters to pick a dozen cards I might want then looking for 2 or 3 interesting Magic items from a terrible mid 80s rpg

  7. Perilous Wilds & Class Warfare are my hands-down favorites. 

    Perilous Wilds is at hand every time I run a game… I reference it more than the core book.

    Class Warfare is huge, and while I don’t use it very often, it taught me tons about writing moves, class design, etc. I’d personally recommend springing for a hard copy… it’s like 450 pages, and I can’t fathom using it as a PDF.  

    Dyson’s Delves is my other always-at-hand resource.  It’s not actually for DW, just a book of blank maps. But such good maps.

    Planarch Codex and Dungeon Planet are both excellent products, really get the mind buzzing, but I can’t say that I’ve actually used either of them in play.

  8. The Last Days of Anglekite is fantastic, as is The Cold Ruins of Lastlife. But both of those are setting/adventure toolkits for Dungeon World rather than supplements. Honestly you don’t really need anything more than the core book. 🙂

  9. I call shenanigans on the person who suggested Inverse World above. That book is pretty sloppy, derivative, and the character options are not particularly well designed or interesting. 

    I greatly prefer–A-Dungeon-World-Campaign-Setting  for both setting material and character options. In fact, all the Awful Good character playbooks are killer. 

    Grim World is fun for the new playbooks and the new mechanics they added (like Death Moves). It’s races are meh. 

    Class Warfare is interesting from a theory perspective, i.e., how to build a playbook; but it’s kind of a clusterf^ck of questionably useable moves and poorly balanced options.

    Planarch Codex is probably the best grab n go version of DW (even though it’s properly a World of Dungeons derivative, which if you’re not hip to, look into it).

    Perilous Wilds and it’s associated Freebooters material is one of the most helpful in-play aids for any fantasy RPG, especially DW. It’s way of procedurally generating “dungeons” (because it’s also wilderness, cities, etc.) is elegant and glorious. 

  10. Marshall Brengle I don’t think you get to “call shenanigans” on someone else liking a product or getting value out of it.  

    josh savoie certainly seems to have read Inverse World and used it, and while you might disagree with his assessment, it’s his assessment. 

    Calling shenanigans implies he’s either misinformed or speaking in bad faith, and that’s kind of crappy.

  11. Jeremy Strandberg Fair point, and the call to order is well taken. No bad faith on anyone’s part, but I do maintain a strong opinion dissenting to that of josh savoie 

  12. My two cents: Perilous Wilds,Funnel World, Grim World, Dungeon Planet and Class Warfare are my best guess at the top five rules supplements. The best single buy is Perilous Wilds for most GMs. 

  13. I don’t have a list of exactly 5, but my top few definitely include A Sundered World and Grim World. I need to take a better look at The Last Days of Anglekite, but I like what I saw.

    I’m going to talk more about ASW because I think it needs more recognition. (Though I have to mention that I was one of the playtesters, so I’m biased. But please bear with me.)

    A Sundered World gets praise from me for being the most well-put together book out of all the third-party DW books out there. It’s length is roughly the same as the core book, and it has a lot of effort put into the art. Also, the content is very good. The only issues I’ve had with the book was the occasional typo, and the Invoker class felt like it could have been improved mechanically.

  14. There are plenty of nice supplements and fan made classes, compendiums, adventures, etc. But for me and my group, these are what I found most helpful/useful.

    1) The Perilous Wilds

    2) Freebooters on the Frontier

    3) Class Warfare

    4) Grim World–Fate-Core-Supplement

    5) Dungeon World Guide

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