Thoughts on a Skill/Move for classes who start to dabble in Herbalism.

Thoughts on a Skill/Move for classes who start to dabble in Herbalism.

Thoughts on a Skill/Move for classes who start to dabble in Herbalism.

Supply Pouch

You carry with you a pouch of herbs and regents used in your craft. Each pouch holds up to 4 Stock and has 1 weight. When you spend time gathering supplies refill your Stock to max.

Whip Something Up

When you attempt to quickly make a drug using your supplies Roll+Stock. 10+ Choose 1, 7-9 Choose 2

-The effects are mild

-It requires an additional Stock

-Unwanted side effects (GM describes how)

-It took longer than anticipated, it’s put you in a tough spot


You can make anything given enough time, supplies and knowledge. Describe what it is you wish to make and the GM will pick 1 to 4 choices:

-It’s going to take time

-A special ingredient is required

-This is experimental and requires Literature/Professional to assist you.

-Its effects are mild

-It’s highly dangerous to make. Defy Danger+WIS

-Requires some stock (GM tells you how much)


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  1. Funnily enough, I wrote and alternative to my alternative Thaumaturgy move for a witch in my home game, centred around holding ingredients to boost effect based on Blades In The Dark’s alchemy rules. Haven’t tested it yet, nearly shared it here yesterday.

  2. Robert Doe Ow! Stop twisting my arm!

    (Original Witch class by Awful Good Games)

    Doskvol Thaumaturgy

    When you flip through your spellbook for a way to create a magical effect or item, roll+INT. On a 7, you hold one ingredient. On an 8, you hold two, and so on. You may spend ingredients, one for one, to increase the magnitude of any factor below.

    If you choose not to spend any ingredients, the effect is weak, hand range, lasting a moment.

    Per ingredient spent, the GM also assumes either an appropriate item of gear (or d4 HP) is consumed in the process: when you have nothing appropriate, your blood will suffice.


    0. Weak, cursory, or inconsequential force. A gentle breeze, a light mist, a candle flame, a firm shove.

    1. Minor, brief, or subtle force. A steady wind, a torch flame, a thick fog, a solid punch, a mild electric shock.

    2. Moderate. A stiff wind, a hot stove top, a hefty punch or kick, a stunning electric shock.

    3. Serious. A staggering wind, a white-hot brand, a roaring fire, a shattering hammer blow, a burning electrical surge.

    4. Powerful. A crashing whirlwind, an explosion, direct electrocution.

    5. Severe. A raging thunderstorm, a massive bonfire, a lightning strike.

    6. Devastating. A hurricane wind, an electrical maelstrom.

    Range/Area of effect

    hand < close < reach < near < far.


    moment < minute < hour < day < week.

    SPECIAL: When you use the Apothecary move (which normally lets you make poultices, etc), add this item to the list of choices you can make:

    Bag of Devil-Knows-What (3 uses, 1 weight)

    This bulging, stinking, rattling pouch could contain components for a number of spells, or one big one. Soil, ashes, algae, herbs, fungi, moss, animal parts, people parts, you name it. The only requirement is that you describe which components you collected, and from whence they came. When you spend an ingredient for Thaumaturgy, expend a use.

  3. Very cool!

    Great minds think alike, I noticed the part where your blood may be used as a component. I just made a post yesterday (right after this post regarding Herbalism) about Blood Magic, and the use of your own blood to amplify spells.

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