28 thoughts on “Just as a little thought exercise, what would you put in Dungeon World Second Addition?”

  1. Lots of us have been tempted to, and I’m sure have, played Apocalyse World, but fantasy.

    The hardholder in particular interests me, a dwarf fortress lord and an skeleton crypt queen and a half-angel seaside mayor are such different characters!

  2. Personally I’d love to see the Wizard’s Ritual become a basic move. I’ve been using a custom move called Creation for a good long while. Everyone, with time, and a few DM imposed rules, should be able to make whatever they like!

    Dwarf warlord wants to make an icy axe? sure, but you’ll need the right ore!

    Necromancer wants to make a Frankenstein troll/giant spider servant? fine, but you’ll need help from…

  3. For me, I’d probably make Bonds something different (“Shared Stories” that resolve when you share a new memorable story with the character), and make alignment more freeform – like Mouse Guard Beliefs.

  4. Agree with Dylan Knight I’d make bonds more clear since no one knows if resolving a bond is a good thing (mark xp) or how exactly resolve them to get the award xp. The most common bonds are extremely subjective and hard to resolve for the most.​

  5. Alignment was thrown away right out of the box in favour of drives. At this point I reckon it’s a given, most people don’t include alignment in their homemade classes, I know I don’t.

    I love the idea of shared stories, that’s way better. But then I kinda want to retrofit Monsterhearts’ strings into something, they’re very versatile relationship cues.

    On a different note I’d want monster artwork, and monsters that deviate further from Dungeons and Dragons, even if it’s just tweaked name and appearance-wise.

  6. There was some good discussion back… cripes, a couple years now?  Here…


    I still hold to most of my comments on that thread, though I might back off of wanting Defy Danger to always involve a choice on a 7-9.  I’d definitely drop “stumble, hesitate, or flinch” from the 7-9 description.

    Other things I’d consider doing:

    Make Aid/Interfere work more like it does in Uncharted Worlds, where a success shifts the target’s result up/down one level (instead of just +1 or -2, which might have no effect), and make the 7-9 result… better.  Probably something like “the GM tell you an additional cost or requirement; accept or back down now.”

    Reword Volley’s trigger and results to make the wording less archery-specific.  Make the “take what you can get” result be a “roll twice & take the lower result.”  Remove the “you have to take multiple shots” description from the lose 1 ammo choice (because reconciling that with reload is troublesome).  

    Make it clearer how unarmed combat is supposed to work. Make the stun tag something additive (like messy or forceful), rather than a replacement for damage.

    Like others have said, I’d probably try to find a way to scrap the bonds mechanic and replace them with something else. Maybe flags (where you generate XP for interacting with each other in a particular way).  I’d like to keep the party-building nature of bonds, but maybe make it something non-mechanical, like the backstory questionnaires in Monster of the Week.

    I’d be tempted to play with gear and inventory, quite possibly lumping rations, bandages, poultices & herbs, and adventuring gear all into a single “Supplies” resource.  

    Maybe add rules for an adventuring party playbook, similar to the Crews in Blades in the Dark.

    Significantly revise certain class moves.  *Shapeshifter* and Quest and Called Shot jump to mind.  Give the fighter a choice between having a signature weapon (probably using the better options from the Wielder specialty in Class Warfare) and some sort of combat versatility (like, something to encourage using the right tool for the job).  

    Tighten up a few other moves, like Trap Expert (they should just be able to ask “is there a trap?” and only roll if there is), Bend Bars/Lift Grates (flip it so that you’re choosing fallout rather than choosing things that don’t happen).

    Add some more monster tags and questions to the questionnaires:  _undead_, insubstantial, flying all come to mind.  

    Possibly add something more specific to monster stats to make it clearer how to deal with special defenses and interrupts.

    Replace the hirelings rules with followers from The Perilous Wilds.  Try to find a happy medium between Undertake a Perilous Journey and the exploration moves from The Perilous Wilds.  

    Tell the GM to roll the damn damage dice for monsters already.

    Hmm.  Apparently I have opinions.

  7. For a while I’ve had an patchwork Aid move where when you aid someone you take on the burden of their cost and consequence on a 7-9 in return for bumping their roll up one. It’s genuinely fun!

  8. Call string “bearing” or “right” and you’re all set.

    Like, “okay, Tim the Thief is being an ass, and we’re in my home town, I’m putting down my bearing over him as a paladin in a civilised place. I hinder his roll to sweet talk the merchant!”

    Or, “As I pull up Paula the Paladin, I remind her if they’d let me get that ladder on the cheap, this wouldn’t have happened! That gets me +1 bearing over her, right?”

    Also! They’d make for good racial moves, so when a dwarf fighter shares a drink, they take a string over them.

  9. Whatever you call them, strings are currency used against other PCs. That’s probably not what you want for a party-based fun loving dungeon game.

    It is, of course, perfect for teenage monsters.

  10. Though you could just remove mean ways of using them, so it becomes…

    Spend bonds of camaraderie to:

    – grant +1 to a roll

    – deflect 1 point of damage

    – get in the way of oncoming harm

    and so on.

  11. I wouldn’t do away with bonds cause last time I played DW they worked really well.

    I would kind of write them though like beliefs in burning wheel…since thats essentially where they come from. And I would make it specific that they are your beliefs about a certain character and what your going to do about that belief.

    For example a thief might have “the paladin is a stick in the mud with all this talk about law. I will show them that we will have to bend the law to get further in the quest” or something like that.

  12. The Barbarian and the Immolator, then correct the couple of typos/inconsitencies, for starters. Then maybe I would like to see the unofficial-yet-officially-endorsed DW guide’s introductory teachings incorporated into the official text to help people grok the game.

  13. PS I also vote for clearer wording on what it means to resolve a bond. People always pull the confused face when I try to help by saying “cross it off if it’s proven or disproven beyond doubt”

  14. I would like more races as the defaults have resulted in a deluge of elves. I would like the Barbarian included, as it is a great class (though I’m not keen on the Immolator as it seems to drive the players who pick it into being a one-trick-flaming-pony). Some advice for one-shots and for those coming from OSR systems (which require an attitude change).

    I seem to have no issue with Bonds. I place a big emphasis on them and consider them to be the most important tool in world building and managing table chatter. I refresh them at the beginning of the session and this provokes a big world-building discussion about why these characters have a particular history. Even the negative bonds show that you can still have issues with close friends – and that makes it easier to get over them through themed Aid or Interfere moves. For resolving them I ask, “have you gotten over it, or does it still bother you?” An appendix of other possible bonds would be great.

  15. Incorporating some of the info and examples from the Dungeon World Guide would be good, and perhaps a section with lots of examples of how to handle various common situations that people ask about / work differently from systems people are likely to be coming from.

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