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  1. My campaign sheet is about 15 pages already, so I found it hard to add new and edit old fonts/dangers/monsters. This is why I am asking for some sort of simple navigation / cataloger tool. Anyway I can try to build one myself using any programming language.

  2. Aaron Griffin I find that “Playing to find out what happens” is a good concept for casual games. What about when you have been playing in a campaign setting for so long that a lot of lore has already been set in stone?

  3. No, I am just documenting everything and updating fonts / adding new each session. Its quite a custom campaign, started in our modern world, when a group of adventurers found anomaly in jungle of Bolivia. And it continues in our world & parallel worlds, involving some modern forces like corrupted US government as well as planar and magical forces. Almost all NPCs and monsters are custom made.

  4. Victor Julio Hurtado it wasn’t a general hypothetical, but about this specific post.

    That said, if you think 15 pages of lore is enough to fully flesh out the details of a world, I might suggest you are thinking quite narrowly about what defines a world.

  5. Andrey Plisko so your question is really “how do I efficiently keep notes” which is not really RPG specific. I personally like Evernote, but OneNote is also nice.

  6. I usually survive off ~1 document which I duplicate before each session and update based on what’s coming. It has the following:

    * Locations, with a bullet point for each interesting one and 1-2 lines of flavor in case we go there. Get as granular as you want. If it’s a city, I’ll often have 10-20 bullets for individual areas.

    * NPCs, with stats, description, moves, and additional details for each. If it’s not an NPC they’ll fight, leave off stats (HP / armor / dmg). I’ll usually have a mix of things to fight and random characters they could bump into in the locations they might visit.

    Broadly speaking, those two things (location blurbs + NPC blurbs) seems to be enough for me to GM through anything. I craft fronts but mostly the plot just sort of does its own thing.

    Also of note, I usually end up doing a world-building pass early on in a separate document, just to give me ideas for later.

  7. Kevin Bishop​ I do a lot of the same but I also have a list of events/situations I think are neat. They generally serve more as inspiration than anything else. “Goblins silently leap from the rafters, dressed in black” or “the mist spirals around, forming a vaguely human shape that whispers your name”.

  8. Kevin Bishop I am trying to make the same. Thanks for sharing your experience! I started with separate doc files for fonts, NPCs, monsters, world, etc. Now trying to combine together but make easy-to-navigate.

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