Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! What do you think about this move I created on the fly during today’s game when the wizard tried to interfere with a ritual to summon a dark prince by casting Dispel Magic? “When you interfere with the dark ritual roll INT. On 10+ the ritual fails and you are without harm from beyond for now. 7-9 you attract the attention of a dark prince get 3 hold. 6- You are the first victim of the newly summoned entity. If you get hold: each hold represents the dark prince mind spite on your sorry soul, you suffer -1 ongoing to cast spells per each hold you have. You can spend hold to eliminate this penalty. If you use hold the dark prince can twist your fate as he wants once per hold you spend (GM will tell you how). You have 24 hours to spend hold this way or the effect is permanent.”

What do you think? ;)

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  1. Chris Stone-Bush​ the player may choose to spend all the hold at once and face a level 3 retribution from the dark prince from beyond, I’m fine if the player is fine with that xD

  2. Thanks for your comments. We had a lot of fun today even with my messy ruling. I’ll make better moves in the future for sure (or not, but it’ll be fun).

  3. You have the basics of it Oney… I wouldn’t make the penalty part of it personally… and I would give the Hold to the GM to spend vs the player maybe…

  4. Oney Clavijo

    Then why not just use the 7-9 results of the cast a spell move? One result could be attracting the attention of the Dark Prince if the player so chose it.  The way you have that move written you could technically “interfere” with the ritual by running around and yelling or knocking things over. “Interfere” is not clearly defined by the move.

    Also as a personal note I don’t like moves that define the 6 or less. I think each GM knows their game well enough to know what hard move to make on a 6 or less, but that’s just me.

  5. Well Eric Lochstampfor because the idea is do something no one else has done before. Make the adventure unique and mechanics are fun when they change a bit to express the uniqueness of the story/world. The player loved the move but I really appreciate all your input. I take it seriously and weight every opinion whether I like it or not. I don’t like 6 minus results either. Mine is the one I used that one time. It came at the moment and it was what it was. The adventure is gone and the move will not be used again because I never play the same adventure twice ever. And to me Disturb reality is always open to interpretation way more than just “apply -1 to casting spells until you take a rest”. Hugs!

  6. Hmm… how about something like this?

    On a 10+ You do it, sweet.

    On a 7-9, you do it, but write “The demon lord Demonicus has vowed vengeance upon me, ” and give it to the GM.  At any time, the GM can give you back the card to turn one of your rolls into a 6-, and in explain how Demonicus’s influence clearly manifests to ruin the day.

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