So, I enjoy using Dungeon World for one-off games.

So, I enjoy using Dungeon World for one-off games.

So, I enjoy using Dungeon World for one-off games. And I often have a lot of players who are new to DW, or even to roleplay in general. So I’ve thrown together some one-page versions of the playbooks (does that make them playsheets?), slightly modified to make it easier to use for one-offs.

All advanced moves and the like have been removed, the same goes for some time-consuming stuff as spell selection and preparation. Bonds have been replaced with party connections, basically to make sure a one-off party has some cohesion. Added quite a few questions meant to make sure characters have some basic background as well. It seems to work quite well. Some classes have been rewritten quite a lot, others less.

Sharing in case it’s useful for anyone else, or in case someone has any good ideas for improvement. 😉

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  1. Are the starting Attributes just the same as the standard? I noticed you just had the bonuses on the sheet. so I assume that you just reverse engineering the bonus to what the raw stat would be? Only suggestion is maybe list the attributes that they get along with the stat bonuses. Once they level it is a little bit hard to figure out what they add +1 too. Unless I missed something.  

  2. Ah, right. Forgot about that. I haven’t used the actual stat values for a long time, as they don’t serve much purpose and is another thing a first time player has to learn.

    Instead I just use the bonuses, and for these sheets I moved away from the standard distribution to create something that gives stats that make some sense for each class without the player having to read all the details, while retaining some choice by varying it across races and letting you place one point yourself.

    I can see leveling being a problem, as I’ve only used these for one-shot sessions, it hasn’t come up…

  3. Actually, there’s one issue I see – I’ve been using the modifyer for hit point as well, giving people a lot less HP than in normal DW. :-O Ooops… It hasn’t been much of a problem though, but that’s probably because of playstyle. The effect is unintended however, I’ll see about changing the sheets when I have time.

  4. Thanks Sigmund. these are awesome sheets. I would appreciate the update that listed the standard stats array. Maybe they can just be included for when you check off the race, it has both the modifiers and the stats pre-selected, so there is no choosing, and that if you happen to play longer then a one-shot you are good for leveling, and as you said makes it easier to figure out your HP. Thanks for doing these up.

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