Lampblack & Brimstone is pleased to announce that Jeremy Strandberg has agreed to let us publish Stonetop, his Dungeon World campaign about an isolated village community struggling to survive at the edge of the known world.

Jeremy has been working on this project for a long time, and he’s recently managed to pull of the material together into a working whole. Now we just need to see what happens when other people get their hands on it.

So! We’re ready for some serious playtesting. Interested?

We’re looking for groups who:

• Play every 2-3 weeks (or more!)

• Can commit to actually playing 3+ sessions

• Are willing to specifically try out certain content

• Will ask questions & provide thoughtful feedback

• Can put up with potentially frequent changes 

If that sounds like you, please speak up in the comments.

If you’re interested in playtesting, but don’t have a group that meets the requirements above, let us know and we’ll see if we can’t put some of y’all together.

If you’d like to take a look but aren’t really interested in playtesting, that’s cool, too!  Click the #Stonetop  hashtag and check out the content. It might not be totally up-to-date but it’ll give you an idea of what we’re working on.


  1. I can’t commit to running, but I hope that Antoine Pempie, Kalysto de la vacuité, Bastien Wauthoz or Tiburce Guyard will (and then I can play of course 🙂

  2. I’m definitely interested to build a group to that aim. Do send the material over here. I’m stuck in a chair for a few days and have plenty of time ahead!

    I believe you have my mail, Jason Lutes . 😉

  3. I ran it by the gang and they said Yup! 3+ sessions at fortnightly increments. Are we using just vanilla DW Jason Lutes? Or can we add Funnel World / Perilous Wilds or Grim World etc…

  4. Nathan Roberts let’s keep it with the materials in the playtest kit, at least for player-facing stuff: playbooks, moves, and gear.

    The Stonetop rules are already using the Perilous Wilds moves for Followers & Expeditions. 

    I’d actively advise against using Funnel World. The Stonetop playbooks are already tuned to create heroes of the village and give them relevant backstories.  I have a hard time seeing how a funnel would lead into most of them.  

    That said:  you wanna grab monsters or ideas from Grim World, or the random tables from Perilous Wilds, or any other source of inspiration that works for you and your table… go right ahead!

  5. I think I’ve sent invites to everyone who’s identified themselves as part of an actual group.  If you’ve got a group and haven’t received an invite from me, speak up.

  6. Dave Sealy Well i’ve got Saturday and Thursday evening free, 7:30 or 8:00 onwards. 

    Nathan Roberts I’m in Melbourne, so a perhaps a little too far this time. Thanks for the offer though. 🙂

  7. Very intrigued! I’d be interested in getting in on a group (GMT) but while running three campaigns already, I think I’d only be up to GMing three sessions or so and this seems like exactly the kind of supplement that would suit a longer campaign.

  8. Depending on what you’re looking to  test, our group would probably be a good candidate.  Group of guys that have played together for ~4 years, lots of Pathfinder, 5E and some DW.  We’re playing a home campaign with the Grim World playbooksand Perilous Wilds campaign organization tools.  We play every Thursday, schedules permitting.

  9. Zach Swain Mostly, we’re just wanting to get people playing it and find out what’s working and what’s not, what’s missing, what needs polish, etc. As we said above, though, we’re looking for a commitment to 3+ sessions, as it’s a long-form game.

    You want to run it by your group?  You can give them this 1-pager to give them an overview:

    If they’re down, let us know and I’ll invite you to the playtest group.

  10. Dylan Durrant you’re GMT +/-0?  If so, that might work with some of the Euro folks who’ve posted here.

    Eric Nieudan Vandel J. Arden Max Perman Boris Fedyukin Bastien Wauthoz Have any of you got something going yet?  If not, would one of you want to step and GM for the others? 

  11. I now got a playergroup up for that. My regulars are switching to playtest mode. Most likely we will start in May and I would GM (5-6 seasoned players age 26-36 familiar with AW DW BitD Fate and anything from Morningstar)

  12. Cris Sidhe Sounds great, invite incoming.  

    I’m don’t think it would work with a completely different group each session. If Saturday is a total drop-in game, I wouldn’t even try it.

    But it should work well with a bigger-but-limited group (maybe up to 8 or 9), with only a subset of that group playing each session. 

  13. I’ve been away from G+ and gaming for about a month, but I’d be happy to get involved in an online session and can commit to regular involvement. I’m also trying to organize an in-person group in Western NJ/Eastern PA.

  14. Maezar you’re already in the playtest community, so you should have access to the docs for your in-person group.

    Anyone else looking to put an online group together, hit Maezer up! Christopher Meid, Zach Swain,  and Jerzy A. Brzozowski… y’all seem to be in the GMT -3 to -4 time range… 

  15. Jeremy Strandberg I’m still super interested in Stonetop, but I don’t believe I can test currently. Know if anyone has playtest videos up? Are people allowed to make stonetop play videos?

  16. Drew Hart-Shea, you’re London-based, yeah? You’d posted some interest in the DW Tavern back in March. If you’re interested in joining forces with Joe Banner and co, speak up!

  17. (wish I could join the playtest, too bad my group has a hard time getting together, lately. But know I can’t wait to see Stonetop finished and grab a copy of it –been loving since the early days!)

  18. Matteo Casali let us know if things change!

    Andrea Serafini, I think you were putting an Italian group together. Did that ever get going? Is it face-to-face or online? If online, would you have room for Matteo?

  19. My group (3 players) and I would like to playtest Stonetop. We play at least once a week, if not more. Three of us are around 40’ish in age, and we have one “youngling” of 16. I’ve been interested in Stonetop for awhile but haven’t really visited this community for some time. If you’re still interested in playtesters, we’d like to give it a try.

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