So I’ve run out of ideas.

So I’ve run out of ideas.

So I’ve run out of ideas.

My group has been exploring a dungeon dedicated to a dead god. They found two portals, one red one blue. Though the blue was the realm of the dead god of purity and protection. 

My question is what could be through the red portal?

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  1. The dead god of decay and assasination.

    Eventually discovering that both are one and the same, a god of balance. For health given, health must be taken. For lives protected, lives must be offered.

  2. How about switching up expectations.  Red is about joy and passion.  Warm beaches and plenty of food.   Blue is about Ice and Wind.  Red, the danger is having every whim satisfied, can they still push on with the mission?

  3. I feel like no answer here will be as good as the ones your players might give you. You should ask them, because only they know what they want/fear to see on the others side of that portal! 🙂

    Maybe what you should be asking for here is good questions to ask them. “The red portal leads to a paradoxical realm, what two seemingly opposite concepts rule there?” “Why is the contradiction actually no contradiction at all? How do the two exist in harmony?”

  4. Prison where the dead God’s immortal enemies are still held.

    Dead god’s (pure and well-protected) vault.

    Exit to first room of dungeon.

    An alternate version of their own world in which the dead god never lived, held here as a necessary force of balance.

    An alternate version of the dead god’s realm, but a version of that same god who stands for corruption and strife –again, held here for balance – but in this case is very much alive and wants help getting the hell out of there.

  5. The one artifact capable of killing a god, once protected by the dead god to keep all of godkind safe.

    The one artifact capable of reviving the dead god, sealed in another plane only accessible by mortals, lest the gods be tempted to use it themselves.

  6. A yawning vacuum of Chaos itself, needed to balance the Order of the dead god’s realm, lest the temple be solidified into clear crystal by its divine perfection. (The temple acolytes used it to dispose of garbage.)

  7. I always liked the old Twilight Zone story…The characters are trapped in a “paradise” dimension where they get everything they want. An “angel” supplies everything they ask. After a long while the boredom and ennui of their situation becomes too much and they ask leave. The lonely angel who is really a demon refuses. As the ghost host says in the Disneyland Haunted House the trick is to find a way out! (cue evil laughter). Of course, there’s always my way…(scream and thud, the ride begins!)

  8. (Stolen from LotFP) It leads into the “head” of the last person to step through it, a series of tunnels and dark rooms full of their dreams, fears, and talents personified.

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