One thought on “Good morning Tavern!”

  1. The two recurring characters in all of my high fantasy games are

    A giant human faced spider.

    Humphrey Bogart, a goblin cursed with intermittent polymorphing. He tends to lead a band of goblins to enact grand plans of conquest so very very complicated they never get off the ground. So, for example, he’ll decide to drown a town to steal it’s goods, but if he’s going to redirect the river anyway he might as well make a lake with an inn on the bank if it, have some legit income…but he wants to buy the property legit through a proxy to avoid tipping his hand, which means laywaying merchants for a while to get the cash. The easiest way to do THAT is by building all these false paths through the woods so people get lost, which of course ends in his men constantly getting lost, both threatening to Rob anyone they meet and asking for directions.

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