Who’s good with poetry/prose?

Who’s good with poetry/prose?

Who’s good with poetry/prose? I am about to Photoshop a runic inscription into our Barbarian’s ancestral sword, and his culture has a twin-soul theology: Your souls are your left arm and your right arm, it is only when both are killed that you can truly die. I’m trying to find something more profound than “As long as I have arms to wield a blade, I live” and I almost feel like it should be worded from the blade’s perspective? Dunno.

14 thoughts on “Who’s good with poetry/prose?”

  1. Tough one.

    Held in two hands, together we strive, long life and many deaths, by my blade.

    As I am wielded, by the right hand, life draws breath. As I am wielded, by the left hand, life is cut down.

    Two arms to wield, all shall yield, two souls to claim, a blade to maim!

  2. Um, is it a two-handed sword, perhaps made of two alloyes of slightly different colors? “Dual souls of fire and ice wed in this sword with honor and vice, dare not…. (inscription lost)

  3. I’m thinking of evoking the imagery of an arch.  The arms are the left and right arcs, only held stable by their keystone (the sword).

    Something like, “with this keystone in place I will survive the immeasurable weight of battle”.

  4. Mark Fenlon​ I fed this to the player and he sketched the great stone archway of his ancestral city with the morning sun caught in the huge gem at the pommel. Thanks! Krullhold has mythic architecture sprung from your brain.

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