Ok, got together for our first session this past Sunday.

Ok, got together for our first session this past Sunday.

Ok, got together for our first session this past Sunday. It was all about planning, creating the game, the characters and this is what we came up with game wise. Fleshing it out as we play….

God of the Earth- Terra

God of the Seas- Marine

Rasoob- God of Bronze

Many years ago most of the continent suffered from a civilization collapsing attack from the depths of the earth. Huge Lava spewing hordes of tarantulas burned and ate everything in their path. Why they appeared has never been discovered. There are those who speculate that the raw channelling of magic unleashed the creatures. Other believe dark powers from underground created the spiders and let them loose for conquest and power. The initial attack seemed to be concentrated on people or places of mystic power. Anyone that could fled, seeking safety where they could. Some 200 years ago, one group fled to the colder, mountainous climes thinking the spiders would not follow. Arriving they found an abandoned and ruined city once ruled by the dwarves. Settling here, their number has grown to around a thousand.

Abandoned by the original gods, they discovered Rasoob The God of Bronze. Rasoob bestowed his blessings on the shattered and desperate people, giving them the divine knowledge of Bronze, how it could be made and it’s usefulness. He gave them the knowledge of the ancient dwarven machinery that had been abandoned and how it could be used to create great bronze masterworks. Weapons, armor, statues and more.

The ruined city is vast and not all of it has been explored. No one knows how much of it is buried in the mountain or what lies beneath. There are other known survivors who also occupy the vast cold wilderness of this mountain chain. In ruins, cave complexes and settlements living off the land, bartering and trading with each other and with others. Barbarians from the far north, fishermen from the west and others from far away lands occasionally appear with news, rumors and goods unseen for a generation or more.

Magic is spoken of in whispers. Certainly, there are those who have been blessed by the gods with divine power to heal, bless and more. Those whose power comes from the elements and from nature. The Mages of old are rare and hidden as are the remaining items of power of old.

What is left of civilization consists mostly of humans, half elves and a few minor races. Elves and dwarves are rare and for many years were not seen. Did they leave, were they all slaughtered or were they all in hiding? No one knows for sure.

The masses have forgotten how to write the language and the racial languages have mostly been forgotten. A few words here and there have become part of the “common” tongue. Bartering for goods is the most used way of trade, though larger settlement do support currency, usually coinage minted by the ruling classes.

Starting/ Home area-

The nearest village is a three day walk away. Nomadic traders travel the mountains and surrounding areas. A river flows from the ruined city to the coast. It takes two weeks to travel by river to the coast, a month by land. A few small villages are scattered along the length of the river. At times, raiders and barbarians are known to attack along the river. At the foot of the mountains and straddling the river is a large walled keep. It is known as a place to rest, trade and of safety. It is also a nexus of communication for the area. The owner of the keep is a powerful woman. Those who have tried to attack the keep or otherwise do harm to those within have been found mauled, pulled apart and, rumors say, half eaten.

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  1. Hi Storn!

    So far-

    1) Valterra- A young Human Paladin that was being groomed to take over the as the head of the city watch (which consists of draft of the city’s youth serving for a time). She became disillusioned with the local god and wants to learn more of the Old Gods (He name was a PURE acciendent by the player. One of the Old Gods being Terra, God of the Earth). She has seen it as a sign that her name is like one of the original gods.

    2) Datak- Half Elven Warlock- As a young Miner he fell into a cave in while exploring the bowls of the city. There he was alone. He explored for days, trying to find a way out. In the darkness he came across a faint light in a distant room. The light communicated with him. After a bit, he made a pact with the being (a dragon from a distant land). In exchange for knowledge he was gifted with mystic power and was able to find a way out. He hides his mystic power as he knows it would alarm his friends and family.

    3) Dustin of the Motley- A “Bard” who hides his past. Not from the city, but currently trying to make a living by entertaining the people and doing simple parlor tricks. He’s a traveller who “knew” of Valterra and sang her songs before even meeting her and feels he knows her well.

    We’re getting together in a couple weeks to flesh out a bit more and have the first game session. I have one or two more interested in playing as well.

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