I wrote the below and sent the map to my 3 players for next week:

I wrote the below and sent the map to my 3 players for next week:

I wrote the below and sent the map to my 3 players for next week:

The Song of Change was on a caravan bound for the lands of Khaladel.  It never made it.  And it was a big one, some 400 people, 1000 pack animals.  It was lost in the Dreaming Sands.  The last reported location of the caravan is  about 7 days journey and you’ve lost 2 days (although we can retroactively game that out, getting supplies, finding more info and such together) getting ready for the expedition, it is now 22 days before the next full moon.  Which will give you all about 4-6 days to find the Song of Change.  And there is a lot of area to cover.    

What is one thing that Roh KNOWS about the Dreaming Sands?

What is one thing that Zehara and Rash have heard RUMORED about the Dreaming Sands?

The Outfitting.  

Temple of Vamana is funding the expedition.  Each participant will be given two desert bred horses and enough rations to cover horses and themselves for a 3 week journey.  Anything extra, will have to come out of the PC’s own limited funds.  

     The Allies:


Taefala of the Temple of Vamana and Kith Banu from the Temple of Cetheria will join the party.  Kith Banu is a horseclan and knows the area (ie Scout), as well as being an accomplished flautist.  Taefala is an acolyte and seasoned soldier.  She has taken a real shine to the Larsonist kids and wants to save them desperately.  Kith is excited about the lost Song of Chance.    

note:  Kith is not a bard, he is a musician and an acolyte of Cetheria (Goddess of Music), but he has no mystical abilities like a full fledge bard like Zehara.    



2 thoughts on “I wrote the below and sent the map to my 3 players for next week:”

  1. This is rich, I love it.

    Have you developed Kith and Taefala to complement the party, who may be missing certain skills, or do they just fit the fiction?

  2. Both.  Our trio of PCs are very much urban dwellers of the greatest city in the world.  Although, Roh did do a stint in the Golden Cloaks (folks who do guard caravans and serve as Parsantium’s military arm).  But he washed out and hated it.  

    But both Temples came about organically last session and both very much want the Song of Chance recovered.  I did mention as the session was closing that I thought a couple of allies would probably join up.  I want to play with the follower rules and a quest of this magnitude and the stakes involved just seemed to call for help coming from outside sources.  

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