Second draft of The Sheriff! Please, feedback is welcomed.

 It seems I achieved my initial goal: a playbook that CAN lead to a very down to earth sheriff, OR a very Fables version…. in any combination.

Ps1: thanks for the feedback on the first draft!

Ps2: don’t mind the formatting errorS, something in the uploading to GDrive prompted it :-/

8 thoughts on “Gents”

  1. I really like much of this class and the overall flavor you have started to create, but the fairy tale bent moves starting with wolf among us feel out of place to me. Would that maybe work as a compendium class that is initiated by defying death in that way and then encompasses all of the big bad wolf idea?

    Also the fables never die move seems a bit ambiguous, how do you know when you are in a “fight that should get you killed?” What are the parameters of that situation?

  2. Agree on clarifying “Fables Never Die.” Possibly, “When faced with impossible odds,”?

    Also, I don’t quite understand Rough and Tumbles trigger.

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of multiclass moves being used as a character sheet slot, but filler is useful.

    If you’re going with Bigby, flip the “Savagery” line of thinking on its head. Have that be a consequence of losing control or a last resort, not a perk for doing well as the character is supposed to be under control.

    Finally, I think you should have a mediator style of move instead of the surveying the scene. Bigby did a hell of a lot more compromising between two parties than he did murder investigations.

    “When you mediate between two opposed groups, roll+Cha:

    10+: a compromise is reached that pleases both groups.

    7-9: One of the groups walks away resenting you and it’s opponent.”

  3. Tiny nitpick, Fables are short stories/myths centered on anthropomorphized animals.

    The astute will note that the Fable series of video games is thus poorly named.

  4. Excellent!  

    1) I’ll add the “When faced with impossible odds,” – perfect.

    2) I am going with Bigby, yes. But I also wanted to give players freedom to chose different build ups, be it a more mundane sheriff, a fully BBW, or even a more wicked version than Bigby – hence Savagery. I will work to add some consequence to it though. 

    3) Coroner is only there to make things easier for Sheriffs in settings where they are the only law enforcement / forensic local expert. 

    4) But no doubts that Mediator will be added! Thanks a lot.

  5. 1) “When you hack and slash using the scenery,”

    2) “When faced with impossible odds, gain one armor and add your CON to all Last Breath rolls.”

    3) “When an ally is checking for Outstanding Warrants, Roll+CHA. On a 7+, you decide the outcome instead of the GM.” I would change this to a 10+ due to it essentially changing an outstanding warrants roll into a full success. Also, I suggest adding a downside to a fail while doing this.

    4) Reformat Fables Never Ever Die similarly to how I suggested Fables Never Die.

    5) Possibly open up the Friendly Witch move. Allow at least 3 different types of allies.

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