An Idea to Start a Campaign

An Idea to Start a Campaign

An Idea to Start a Campaign

After the players have picked their classes and gotten a feel for who their characters are, you hand out these card, with little plot hooks written on them (example cards in appendix A). To write them, write down a quest (I shall defeat x/I shall retrieve y) and offer a few motivations (and put a blank space so they can add their own). Have them all read out theirs characters quest and motivation, and then tell them to choose the quest they are currently on (feel free to mix and match. Perhaps the Chalice of Emeraldwine is in the treasury of Baron Jacynthsin, or maybe the town of Halwin is threatened by the forces of the Spire of Hatred). This helps streamline the game (I don’t know about you guys, but my players are kinda indecisive), and lets you have some ideas flying around, but still give the players a lot of choice. I have tried this twice, and it has went well both times.

Appendix A:

I shall destroy the vampire lord, Baron Jacynthsin, in his seat of power xerxes, because…

He slew my family

He is too great an evil to allow to live.

He’s totally loaded!

He has a potent magic item in his treasury


I shall retrieve the miraculous artifact, the Chalice of Emeraldwine, Because…

It is my birthright

It’s really valuable

I need its healing properties to save a loved one


I will protect The town of Halwin from any threat, because…

I owe its people a life debt

It is my hometown

They are paying me to do so

…I have basic human decency?


I will destroy the demonic hordes that gather within the Spire of Hatred because…

I was involved in their release

My gods cannot abide the hellgate to stand

I Want to get the summoning-name of a powerful demon

The vaults of hell are said to be bottomless, and I want a piece of that


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