Cloudfish Chariot Competition! (draft)

Cloudfish Chariot Competition! (draft)

Cloudfish Chariot Competition! (draft)

Eat delicious ice-krill! Make the starfishers have a wonderful trip to the fair! Thwart villains’ plans! Ride a cloudfish chariot – and FLY TO THE VICTORY!

So, i’m a little bit stuck about the racing rules. I need some extra rule for actually running the competition, but i’m actually unable to come up with good moves. 

So, i call upon the community. 

The main idea is the following: 

1) players and mc build the trail and the rules of the competition. 

2) the MC makes or chooses a list of “hard moves” representing the opponents doing various nasty things to win. The mc can check off this list instead of making any other move.

(i need good ideas for the list.)

If the players arrive to the end of the trail – and they’re at the top, they win.

I need these moves, more or less: 

– a rule to defend the chariot from enemies.

– a rule to attack other chariots.

– a rule to coerce cloudfishes to do stuff. 

– a rule to maneuvr the chariot. 

– maybe a rule about what happens when the chariot breaks.

Taunting enemies can also be an option.

Jeremy Strandberg Mark Tygart i summon you for help. 

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  1. It might be easier to just treat the chariots as two parties in combat with hp, etc. I am imagining a “Ben Hur” style race with dirty tricks and the last chariot standing wins.

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