The Ridden

The Ridden

The Ridden


A star streaks across the sky, landing in a distant field. As you investigate the townsfolk seem nice enough, but every now and then you’ll catch them looking at you with their head cocked to one side, staring at you like you are some kind of bug. Even the cows and horses seem “off”.

They are all to eager to take you to where the star landed. They have something to show you. Something they say will change your lives. Then their eyes go white and fill with worms and the screaming starts…

Dangers: The Riders

Impulse: To infect & spread

Grim Portents:

A falling star lands by a distant village.

Woodland creatures become infected.

A trapper is infected, brings his family to see the meteor.

The village is taken over, next they hunt down travelers.

The Riders are loose in the world.


The Riders:

The Riders are parasitic worms that infect any living host the size of a dog or larger (smaller organisms do not have enough space for the colony to grow). They have access to the hosts memory to a limited degree but close friends of anyone infected might notice gaps in recent memories or odd behavior. When a settlement is completely converted it can quickly descend into absurdity since the infected animals are considered equals with infected people.

Any infected creature has it’s original move set plus the move “Vomit parasitic worms” added and it’s intelligence is at least equal to your average human. Outside of a host they are very vulnerable and can not live for long. As of now there is no known way to cleanse the worms without killing the host.

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