This is still a very rough draft, mostly just a proof of concept.

This is still a very rough draft, mostly just a proof of concept.

This is still a very rough draft, mostly just a proof of concept. If Dungeon World is to have a Hardholder, they need to both be motivated to leave their stronghold and be useful outside of it. I used the Chancellor move to encourage travel, since it can only trigger when you leave for a while and come back. 

I’m still short an advanced move, and I’m not satisfied with the Champion speciality. The stronghold sheet still needs a lot of work, especially in terms of color and description to add to it. Another problem or two would be nice. Anyone got some ideas?

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  1. I would change the Champion with an elected speciality – you know how to deal with the people, and they want you at the power. 

    Maybe you can improve their loyal retainers.

  2. I need some flavorful descriptors for a stronghold, give me some ideas!

    * Built in ancient times

    * Old and crumbling

    * Grim and foreboding

    * Set atop a promontory

    * Graceful arches and towers

    * Walls chipped from arrows, but still strong

  3. A bunch of ideas – i let the fantasy run wild – feel free to take some, mix them, or whatever.

    – Ravaged (by war, weather or time)

    – Mobile (set on a creature, flying or space-folding)

    – It was inhabited by an ancient race, before. 

    – Built from strange materials. 

    – A patchwork of people and buildings.

    – Mostly vertical: full of bridges, nets, spiderwebs or branches.

    – Built around, atop or inside something interesting : a cave, a volcano, a giant tree, a sleeping dragon.

    – Bizarre technology (steam/ghosts/). 

    – Critical point for strategy, or commerce. 

    – A famous festival. 

    – Infested by innocuos… (squirrels, sprites, slimes)

    – Near to a sea (tempestuos, made of fog, shark-ridden)

    – A peculiar weather. 

    (I would suggest to create a unique feature for the city)

  4. Very nice Playbook! Are the rules on how to use Income explained elsewhere? I was also left wondering what features can be built by Urban Planner and their desired effect. 

  5. Upgrades are the primary use, though there are some moves that require the expenditure of Income. It also makes useful social capital in making bargains and alliances.

    I envision upgrades to the stronghold as something to be earned, rather than simply outright bought by mechanics alone. Income and resources to spend is part of it, but there should also be a fictional cost.

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