20 thoughts on “Is there an existing playbook for an intelligent weapon that controls the wielder?”

  1. Ari Black I’m looking for something that let’s the player play as the weapon. I’m open to the wielder being a hollowed out husk (and so might even just use the fighter playbook), or something with a bit more fight in it, that say, might gain some control on a fail or as a result of a hard bargain. I’m actually not sure how much that needs to be gameified in the playbook.

  2. Ari Black I think that parasitic is too judgement laden, but I’m thinking that the weapon would be the main operator, subjugating or destroying the will of it’s lesser wielder. 

  3. Joshua Faller I’m trying to see how parasitic is too judgement laden given that description 😛

    Do you want the sword’s effect on it’s bearer to be disturbing to those around it? Dark, for example, or messy physically.

  4. It’s all about perspective. Is the king a parasite on the peasantry? Certainly he is. Would he agree with that assessment? Almost definitely not. The weapon might argue that it has a higher purpose for the vessel, but it is the one in control.

  5. Joshua Faller I think that would be a good place to start and you can add/change things as you go along. Right now, it sounds like you have an amazing idea for a specific character rather than a character type but you could easily evolve the one into the other through play.

  6. I think using the Fighter playbook is a good approach for a single, specific character. 

    But I also think this would be pretty cool as its own character class/playbook.  Things to consider…

    – Do you expect the vessel to change regularly?  Or is it a pretty big deal when it happens?

    – Would/should your stats be based on the weapon, or the vessel?  E.g. if the vessel dies and a new one picks up the weapon, do your stats (STR, DEX, etc.) change?  All of them?  Or just some?

    – Does this class even need to have the same stats that a normal PC does?  Could the weapon have only “mental” stats like WIS, INT, and CHA, and the vessel supplies the others?  Or maybe the vessel is statted up like a Follower from Perilous Wilds?  

    – If the bulk of the playbook’s moves come from the weapon itself, how do you model the skills, experiences, and knowledge of the vessel?  

    – How big of a deal should personality conflicts be between weapon and vessel?  Is there room for fun little meta-game experiments, like having the vessel be played by a different player than the weapon?

    Anyhow, someone should run with this! 

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