Intrigues of Parsantium– Dungeon World Actual Play

Intrigues of Parsantium– Dungeon World Actual Play

Intrigues of Parsantium– Dungeon World Actual Play

Our first session!  Lots n lots of world building!

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  1. Yes, that one is still a work in progress.  I’m still the underpainting process, but I am pretty happy with how this one is coming along.  It will be a novel cover for a book my friend, Rick Adler is writing, title is not decided upon.  

  2. Peter Cobcroft I really like to keep learning how to be a better gamer, especially GM.  Its been awhile since I’ve had a face to face group and really wanted to game again.  I was a bit burned out.  Now I am excited.  Can’t wait for the next session!

  3. There’s always things to learn in rolepaying I’ve found. I haven’t yet got the fiction first bit flowing smoothly. I’m keen to get familiar as I can as a player because there are so many great resources made by folk for this system that I really want to run some games as well. And try some of the hacks. DW is one of the few systems I’ve listened to Actual Play podcasts on to work out how it flows.

  4. Judd Karlman Paka lives.  There might be better places to put Actual Play these days, but it is the one place I’ve traditionally used.  I just replied to you, Judd, over there.  

  5. I did add an relationship map for the major players of the Intrigues of Parsantium.  Not quite sure if it loaded up under discussions.  But it is over at RPG net  link for download if the text is too small.  

  6. I also wanted to give a shout out to Parsantium.  What a gift finding this was.  When I pitched the idea of a city campaign, I was really wanting to stay away from Western Fantasy City tropes.  I mentioned Baghdad and especially a trade center like Constantinople.  Parsantium is a wonderful analogue to Constantinople.  Of course, we changed some things immediately.  Elven royality is the nobility, but do not hold power.  Corruption is pretty high (Parsantium’s royal guard are pretty much unbribeable.. not so much in “our” Parsantium).  And we certainly added the 7 Great Mercantile Houses that really run things… but I will graft that with the very cool guild section that Parsantium has.  

    Here is a link:

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