Death gets such a bad reputation.

Death gets such a bad reputation.

Death gets such a bad reputation. Everyone struggles in vain to hold off Death for just a few more precious moments. They don’t understand Death like you do. Death is not a force to be feared, but to be celebrated and understood. When you face Death with your soul at ease, his secrets will open to you.

Like Death, the Reaper performs a valuable service, helping the dearly departed rest in peace while cleaning away any lingering spirits or undead that try to mar his order. This one was a lot of fun to create, as a somewhat inverted take on the Cleric’s gimmick of being a healer. Please offer comments and suggestions as always.

7 thoughts on “Death gets such a bad reputation.”

  1. “I face death with renewed strength!”

    This is awesome, especially since it has spell sheet. This playbook is very similar to the priestess of Krypta from Majesty, that’s totally a good thing and it certainly beats trying to craft a death focused Cleric.

    I’m adding this playbook to my selections for players.

    Thanks You for crafting this playbook.

  2. Hmmm, what about an alternative take? Without the spell list, and adding background and drive?

    I only ask this because there are plenty of good ideas there, but it looks like an “old school” Dw 😀

  3. Douglas Santana Changing Alignment to the functionally identical “Drive” makes the game harder to teach to new players in exchange for virtually nothing in return, and some Playbooks do actually benefit from the spell list.

  4. This is a decent Playbook (I think most are stat stacking garbage). It seems fairly balanced with some unique abilities. I think there needs to be incentive to take other stats. Most base classes have advancements to compliment other stats (unlike the other custom books that stack all moves on one or two stats and ignore every other stat)

  5. Hylie Chan  A lot of folks bring the anti-MAD attitude with them from D&D, I think . . . using lots of stats means more 7-9 results and can be good. In original Apocalypse World, however, there are plenty of playbooks that include stat-swapping moves to try to make them focus on only one stat.

  6. I GM’d a campaign where someone played a 3rd party Psion, and while the player really enjoyed it, I found it frustrating that half of the class moves served to convert basic actions into +WIS rolls. By the end of the campaign she could do anything she wanted rolling +WIS, which really diluted the choice of how to respond to situations. For me as the GM, it also meant that her turns basically always went the way she wanted — no 7-9s, definitely no 6-‘s for me to play with.

    It gave me renewed appreciated for how a lot of the basic playbooks split moves across 3 stats, and focus on expanding what you can do instead of how well you can do it.

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