23 thoughts on “Messing around with Discern Realities as a template for world-building.”

  1. Mmm…like brain candy. I can see using this mucho! Let’s play to see what happens! Lol, seriously, this is super. I love it. You could make a lot of these to fit just about any campaign. Great job!

  2. Had a chance to run this recently–ended up with the discovery of a lost element, strife over a royal succession, a relic with the power to choose a new king (using the power of the lost element), a religious oligarchy spreading heresy to maintain power, and some otherworldly menace ( as yet undefined) calling shots from behind the scenes. Ended up using this in conjunction with the peoples sheets from another thing I’m working on, and it came together pretty well. Very factional, if that’s your thing. Here’s the peoples creation sheets: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1IHa8A33hy7MjNJbTFneExheFk

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