Hi, could you give some hint`s about “Plumb the Depths” section.

Hi, could you give some hint`s about “Plumb the Depths” section.

Hi, could you give some hint`s about “Plumb the Depths” section. I fell a little messed with it. The main question should Common or Unique created according to p.58 table? I check with “Perilous Deeps” and were confused. Quite a big difference form original example. I felt quite exhausted after preparing medium dungeon with 12 common & 12 unique rooms. Some with different dangers and discoveries.

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  1. Most of the Perilous Deeps don’t really follow the Plumb the Depths procedures. They’re more fully prepped dungeons that are inspired by the Plumb the Depths procedures.

    The tables on page 58 are (as I understand them) meant to be inspiration when you’re totally improvising a dungeon on the fly and/or you don’t have a good, immediate idea for what the next Common or Unique area should be.

  2. Hi Vasil Khizniak. Jeremy has the right idea — the table on p58 is meant an an improv aid, to be used during play. But whether you’re using that or prepping a dungeon ahead of time, the “ask, say, or roll” dictum might be of help. If it’s relevant, ask the players what they’ve heard about the dungeon; make it up yourself if you feel attracted to a particular notion; and roll as a last resort. The key thing to remember is that you’re not a slave to the tables — they are meant to give you ideas when you have none of your own.

    If I may ask, what was the procedure you followed that left you feeling “exhausted?”

  3. Jeremy Strandberg Jason Lutes  as i thought but must ask to be sure. Tables give a lot of inspiration and help to move forward. I try to create dungeons between game sessions. Thinking about all the stuff which we discussed.

    I felt exhausted after few hours of brainstorming and creation of monsters(with all the details and moves) + room description as i try to get with table on p58. Now i see that there could be enouth few common rooms and some unique for light prerp. just to show main ideas of this dungeon to player. and start asking questions what they thinks.

  4. Yes Vasil, I think that is the best compromise to go about your prep. As the tables inspire elements, locations and treasure, I like to write down the questions that I would ask the characters during play when they encounter these prompts.

    Sounds like you are doing great! How did the game go?

  5. Nathan Roberts it was awesome. I check my game notes. created little dungeon under city and make PC choose go to dungeon or not. so they move deeper. It started as few empty rooms. And then hell hell starts, forgotten elves tomb under city mixed with air elemental temple. Cursed waters and deep one scouts.

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