Two Magical Carpets (Weight 3)

Two Magical Carpets (Weight 3)

Two Magical Carpets (Weight 3)

Carpet of Transport: Acts as a wizard’s Teleportation spell for all those on the carpet as per the Dungeon World Rule book, but spell failure is treated as a partial success.

Flying Carpet: The jinni bound to this item is wild and unruly. When undertaking a journey on the Flying Carpet roll +DEX upon landing. 10+ indicates a successful journey, 7-9 means a rough landing and each passenger takes a hit point of damage. On a failure the carpet will try to drop the player with the lowest dexterity during flight. The player must roll+DEX or take 2d6 in falling damage. A partial success will mean the damage is halved.

One thought on “Two Magical Carpets (Weight 3)”

  1. I would consider doing something during flight using the existing guidelines for GM moves. So instead of a full custom move, just state that the carpet flies wildly and everyone aboard must Defy Danger using Dex. Or just the pilot does, whatever works for you.

    -Use up their resources, maybe they drop something important while the carpet is making wild maneuvers.

    -Separate them, your drop condition. Use a monster or location move. They fly through limbs in a forest? Youre gonna get scratched up. A drake could see them flying and decide it looks like a good meal.

    -Offer an opportunity, but with a cost. Perhaps while flying they spy a gigantic nest of some unknown flying creature atop a cliff, littered with bones, but among them lies a gleaming sword and coins. Do you investigate the nest? Will the monster come back while you do?

    -Reveal an unwelcome truth, the carpet took your request to “fly us to the bandit camp” a little too literally. It appears its soaring directly into the center of their camp. You can see bandits below, bristling with weapons, stop their day to day activities and stare up at you in awe as you come in for a landing.

    -Show signs of an approaching threat, “This carpet is great right? You just tell it where to go and it goes straight to it! What’s that? A storm? Well yes I suppose it is between us and the duke’s palace where we’re headed…um no I can’t tell it to go around, it just goes until it gets there. Oh gods, hold on, things are going to get bumpy…”

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