Sorry for so much posting!

Sorry for so much posting!

Sorry for so much posting! It has been a very long time since I have shared with this community, so I have a bit of a backlog. As part of my upcoming book, First Class Magic, I plan to include Places of Power for use in the Ritual move, or as sites for adventure. These will be one page adventure starters that can give some inspiration for GMs who may be looking for a location to complete a ritual. Here is a rough idea of one of the places:

The Living Rift and That Which Sleeps

At the heart of the world, where the stone flows hot and the veins of the world pulse from the source of all magic lies the Living Rift. A vast canyon where the very plate-bones of the earth come together, rumble against one another, and moan with the quaking of power. Deep beneath the crust of the world, and filled with strange deadly life lies a thriving ecosystem which feeds upon the heat and magic of the very earth and produces strange, wondrous and horrific dangers. Wise ones say there is a great slumbering thing, some say The First Dragon, pulsing with heat and mighty magick at the center of the world. They say an ancient hero bound it there, chained and drained by the ley lines of the world, in order to give magic to mortals. What would happen were it to wake?

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  1. Robert Doe I plan on including at least 5 or so in this book. They seem to be a thing that comes up in just about any game that has a Wizard and I’ve not seen too many floating around.

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