One thought on “Still barkin up the Bloodborne weapon  tree. Critiques?”

  1. Neat and simple, which is something I always look for when pilfering the Tavern for ideas. One thing that might be worth including is how long the weapon’s transformation lasts, e.g. one move, one move per blood you spend, etc.

    I think the wording on some of the effects could be cleaned up (they’re favoring brevity over clarity).

    * Attack from short distance: Not sure this actually confers any benefit; I think most characters can always do this. Perhaps “Hold your ground” or even “Destroy the terrain.”

    * Take weapon damage –> deal double damage: I think this one could stand a few more words just to make it clearer.

    * Split into 2: Kinda confusing what actually happens to your dice. Making it “roll twice and take the higher result” would be a powerful but much simpler concept.

    * Fire pistol: Interesting for Bloodborne flavor, a bit prescriptive for DW flavor (not all settings would have pistols). If you wanted to make it more generic you could just say “Add an additional range tag to your weapon.”

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