13 thoughts on “For GMs: How often and how much Coin do you give your characters?”

  1. Typically, from 30 – 600+ (for the group) depending on what they are doing. I think the biggest hauls so far have left them with close to 200 coin each (after selling gems and stuff).

    My question is, what do you really do with it? In D&D all my coin generally went to better equipment. In DW, I try to tax them and subtract for living expenses and stuff, but I don’t have a “shop for magic items” kind of world. So other than saving up for a barony or something …

  2. The Carouse special move lets them spend 100 Coin to activate the move (they can also get a +1 for each 100s of Coin they add after the initial 100 is spent) to have a fuckng crazy night on the town. It can be used to let them make friends, hear rumors, gain useful information, and avoid getting wrapped up in trouble (which means that if they don’t pick that option, they DO get wrapped up in trouble while they party). So what that means to me is that you spend Coin to get plot hooks that lead to more adventures, and thus more Coin!

    I just didn’t know how likely it would be for a group to trigger Carouse after each adventure or if it’s something they need to build up to.

    Michael Phillips what page is that table on? I can’t seem to find it and I don’t recall seeing it in my read through at all.

  3. I actually don’t use Coin and just abstract wealth. I don’t run like a dungeon-delving, treasure-hunting game.

    My players can always afford basic stuff that fits the adventurer tropes – lodging, drinks, and basic supplies.

    For things like armor or weapon repairs, I make them justify the cash on hand. “Oh I kept some of the money from those bandits we killed, they had a bunch so it should be enough to cover these repairs”.

  4. I usually run with my old coin hack that uses COIN like resources in Burning wheel.

    Simply  divide their starting coin by 10 and generate a Wealth ‘score’ from 3-18 (or roll it or assume all players start at 10). Establish the Modifier as any other stat.

    Use the Wealth stat in place of Charisma for the ‘When you go down to the bustling market’ move. Wealth can also be used for Defy Danger ‘when the character uses their wealth and fiscal reputation’.

    You may increase your wealth when you level up.

    Treasure is a +* Forward, where *= anywhere from 1-5. This may be applied to the Carouse move as normal.

    Players can also be given a debility on wealth – Taxed. This must be healed fictionally of course.

  5. I’ve hardly used coin, as a player or GM. Maybe a bit for adventuring gear or rations. I also toyed with a wealth stat way back then, but even that didn’t get used.

  6. Make the supply move? Or if they couldn’t afford it, I expect they’re defying danger somehow.

    Ironically, in the remake of Shadows of Umberto I just released, there’s a couple of moves specifically about finding rare or illicit items. I basically treat it like the wizard’s ritual – you can find it, but… (GM picks 1-3 negatives.)

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