Need some Magic Tattoo thoughts

Need some Magic Tattoo thoughts

Need some Magic Tattoo thoughts

A barbarian HAD a tattoo of a map on his back.  This tattoo was given to him while he was in a drunken stupor by the Kenedhel, a people well schooled in witchcraft.  The map tattoo was intended to bring the barbarian to the homeland of the Kenedhel to fight some bad guys for them.  The barbarian did so, earning their respect and friendship.  The Kenedhel have worked over the old map tattoo into a new tattoo, with some kind of (probably minor) magical properties.

Question: What does this new tattoo do?  

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  1. colin roald Well the tattooers have already proven they will go to questionable lengths to recruit a champion, and the barbarian has already proven he will be that champion. This would just be letting him use his best ability to directly advance their cause. You could maybe reword it to “the Kenedhel’s interests/values/way of life” so the barbarian could adventure in the wider world and still maintain the connection. 

  2. Wynand Louw good question.  In fact, there were TWO tattoos, one on the barbarians back and one on the wizards back, then when they stood together created a full map and message.  (If you are wondering how this came about, the simplest answer is don’t roll a miss on the Carouse move, and then casually muse about the film “Dude, Where’s my Car?”).

    So it had to actually be read by someone else, looking at the two characters standing next to each other.

    The Wizard’s tattoo is unchanged.

    Interestingly, the Wizard has already used the presence of the tattoos in several rituals to communicate messages to the barbarian, through causing bloody trauma to his own back.

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