21 thoughts on “Deep under ancient crypts, the Fighter found a Manual of Tactics in a Place of Power.  What does it do?”

  1. I would make a special combat Discern Reality move:

    What should I be on the lookout for?

    Who’s really in control here?

    What here is not what it appears to be?

    What would weaken the enemy’s moral?

    What weakness dose my enemy have and how can we exploited?

    Remember he gets +1 when he uses the knowledge.

  2. Riffing off Marshall Miller …

    When you direct a formation of [type of soldiers] in battle…

    When you plant your battle standard before the enemy…

    Also, maybe it gives you a +1 ongoing if you use it to plan your tactics for a battle UNLESS the opponent ALSO has a copy of the Manual of Tactics, in which case you are at -1 ongoing.  

    Also, I really like the idea of it opening up a Compendium Class.

  3. It teaches that the most successful tactic in battle is not to battle. It’s a book on pacifism and non-violence.

    Of course, none of the other swordsmen hunting for it know that…

  4. Whoah it’s a fighter book found in a Place of Power.  How weird is that?

    Lemme turn it back on you colin roald and ask “what’s the instinct of the PoP?”

    It’s “deep beneath ancient crypts,” so the obvious answer (to me) is something necromantic, which would make my item move something like:

    when you command a force of the dead…

    when you command a force while dead… (Make this one super fictionally powerful, tempt the fighter player to go lich!)

    or maybe go more situational and specific, making the item richer while perhaps compromising its utility:

    when your force sieges/invades the city of the dead…

    when your force sieges/invades the realm of Life…

  5. The Manual of Tactics is actually a sentient artifact that is constantly pointing out the bad decisions it’s owner makes until the owner gains it’s approval and then starts providing useful information about the current battle. Maybe the owner can talk to it and it functions like a pokedex and stats out the hp, damage, instincts, weaknesses, and resistances of a creature.

  6. When you miss in combat, suffer the effects as usual.  Then describe what trick you learned that lets you turn your enemy’s momentum against them and take +1 forward on your response.

  7. Wynand Louw When you prepare for an upcoming conflict by reflecting on the writings of Drow General S’unn T’zzu, ask the GM . . .

    In this engagement, to avoid knowing defeat . . .

    What must I learn about myself and my forces?

    What must I learn about my opponent?

    The GM must answer truthfully. You take +1 forward when acting on the answers.

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