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  1. Oh my ! My actual campaign involves a secret cult whose members have bat tatoos, bat trinkets… This could definitely be the leader’s bat brooch.

  2. The Fashion Bat

    When you wear The Fashion Bat pinned to your lapel, roll+Cha. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7-9, choose 1.

    – You don’t look ridiculous

    – You don’t look like an easy mark for mugging

    – You don’t attract bats sexually

  3. While you wear the Bat pinned you to your lapel, you may sell a shiny cheap trinket for 10 times its value.  Roll +CHA.  On a 10+, both; on a 7–9 pick one: 

    * You’re long gone before the buyer notices what they actually bought

    * The buyer doesn’t remember your face, just the bat.

  4. It’s actually a phial. You can unscrew the head and fill the body with any regular potion. If you do so and then leave it out under two consecutive full moons, the potion has double the normal effect in whatever ways the imbiber prefers (duration, strength, whatever makes sense).

  5. Dorian Knight interesting idea, definitely workable. DW style might be more to write it as a limited version of the Druid Shapeshift move, where you can only turn into a swarm of bats.  In addition to being able to fly, you’d probably get action choices like * Navigate in pitch darkness and * Drink blood, and the move speed would be described qualitatively if at all. (DW does not bother keeping track of things in yards.)

  6. Bats will not attack you unless you attack them while you wear The Rhinestone Bat.

    When you wear The Rhinestone Bat , roll+Cha. On a 10+, choose 3; on a 7-9, choose 2.

    – A bat will tell you something useful (nearest treasure, monster,etc.)

    – You grow small bat wings and gain the ability to “Feather Fall” until you next make camp. All Charisma rolls are -1 when you use this ability.

    – You grow small  bat ears and gain the ability to “see” in the dark until you next make camp. All Charisma rolls are -1 when you use this ability. Loud noises may blind you (GM rules)

    – You gain the ability to sleep hanging from a roof or ceiling which acts like the spell “Alarm” when you next make camp. Your comrades will make fun of you.

    – You can eat a meal of tasty insects and avoid using rations when you next make camp. Yummy!

    Failure causes you to change into a bat (as per Druid)until your party next makes camp.

  7. Like Christopher Weeks, it looked like a phial to me. So here’s an alternative version of a phial (partially stealing from his cool solution).

    The build up.

    If you unscrew the bat’s head and fill it’s “tummy” with wine, then leave it out under a two consecutive full moons, it turns into a drinkable potion. When you drink the potion, your hearing becomes extremely sensitive.

    The move.

    When you actively listen, after drinking the potion from your bat brooch, roll+WIS: On a 10+ the GM will tell you about a sound beyond the range of normal human hearing that is both interesting and useful. On a 7-9 the GM will tell you about such a sound that is interesting, it is up to you to make it useful. [Default failure (if you don’t have a better idea) – you get blasted by an unexpected sound and become Confused, -1 WIS.]

    Note that the move is just a specialized Spout Lore, structurally. Though the nature of it is more akin to Discern Realities.

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