11 thoughts on “can someone point me in the direction of a good explanation of fronts and how to use in a One Shot?”

  1. Here’s my personal take. The best way to play a believable villain is to give them motivations and think about what you’d do in their shoes to achieve their goals. The front is like a todo list for this, but seen from the PCs’ point of view. Big Bad Guy checks off the “OK we bought off the Constables” item, and the PCs see increases in corruption among them or something.

  2. I tend to use fronts for longer scenarios, but you can still write a small front, with a handfull of actors, one danger and a few grim portents. It will put a certain tension wich is helpful in a one shot.

  3. John Aegard’s DW one shot advice is rock solid! I’ll hunt up a link but it’s something like Running Dungeon World in a Tight Four Hour something something 

  4. thanks Ray Otus!

    that doc actually says very little about formal fronts, tho. It’s structured in terms of player-constructed / GM-mutated premises rather than full DW fronts. I think fronts are awesome but are a little heavy for the one-shots I run.

    Damian Hupfeld my adventure Indigo Galleon has a bunch of small fronts in it and runs fine as a one-shot, so it may be a useful example to you. you can get it at john.aegard.com.

  5. gosh, thanks Aaron Griffin!

    I’ve only ever run one extended DW campaign so I don’t have a ton of experience there, but if you’d like to talk about campaigns, feel free to tag me into a discussion so we’re not muscling in on the OP’s thread.

  6. ive been using this for the last three one shots that I ran – 

    so I have gone into the session with no idea of what Im going to run – http://www.rpgalchemy.com/dungeon-world-adventure-builder/ by John Lewis (couldnt tag him – couldnt find the right one!)

    the first two I let the players choose all 6 options and for the last one I only asked the first three questions and I did the opponents.

    its been interesting and fun. ive had good player feedback but Im very much still learning – i really need to play in a game to get a better understanding of it all.

    I will read the links you have all sent – much appreciated.

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