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  1. lol thanks, anything else you would add? the first session is this coming saturday, so i want to make sure everything is ready. Also, how would i build an adventure front off of this?

  2. Wait, you’re making this before your first session? Have the players already bought into this world and theme? If not, I’d be prepared to throw the whole thing out.

    First sessions are all about starting the PCs in the middle of a poorly-defined but interesting, dangerous situation. You figure out who they are, what kind of world this is, why they’re together, what they care about. And then you make some fronts, between the first or second session and the next ones.

    It’s not unheard of to make some campaign-level fronts like this, as long as everyone’s on-board with the assumptions you’re making. But I wouldn’t do any adventure fronts at this point!

    Instead, assuming that the players are down with this kind of grimdark setting, prep some stuff you need to get the players invested in the game. For me, that usually includes:

    Questions about why the players are here, where here is, what they’re hoping to find or achieve, who they’re worried about, who sent them, etc.

    More questions that tie them to this world. Feel free to make these leading questions. Like “Who among is from Durnchapel? When were you last here? Who still lives here that’s important to you?” But also “Do you believe the stories that Savanar Blackwing is really a bloodsucking creature of the night? Why or why not?”

    Even more questions about the world they live. “Ranger, what have you heard about lycanthrope and how the affliction is spread?” “Wizard, what have your studies revealed about the last Demon Plague? When did it happen? Who stopped it?”

    – Come up with a list of names of possible NPCs, places, etc. that get the feel of the setting.

    – Personal taste: find a more-or-less blank map that you’d like to set the first session in. Check out Dyson Logos’s or Tony Dowler’s blogs, or just pilfer something from an old D&D module you’ve got laying around. Ignore the keys… leave blanks, right?

  3. Alright, that makes sense. And yeah, they’re interested in it, in fact they came to me with something, and i quote “Like Twilight, but better than Twilight” so i made this. All they know about is the vampires and werewolves. I’ll take the rest into consideration.

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