6 thoughts on “Dungeon Starter I’ve been working on for a long time…”

  1. Good Job Looks great, well designed; Dungeon Starter, Kind of wish for more though, Not in a bad way. The thing is after reading the start up entirely, It was so good I want an entire Mini Campaign, maybe one that starts at level 3, and ends in 4-5 sessions short or 2-3 long ones. To deliver an epic ride. 

  2. Mark Tygart well if you ever want to run the game, feel free to join my youtube channel; I’ll contest the campaign as one of the players, and finding more interested will be a breeze.

  3. RidersOfRohan Very kind. My schedule is very unstable right now; I’ve been providing elder care for my sick parents. I tend to write these things up late at night to try to stay sane. Maybe if I wrote some thing up your group could play-test?

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