I love your material.

I love your material.

I love your material. It adds just the right old school feel to Dungeon World. Any chance for additional play books for Freebooters on the Frontier in the classic ad&d fashion (Ranger, Monk, Druid, Paladin, Barbarian, Illusionist and so on?)?  I for one would gladly shell out some cash for some…

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  1. Hi Reece — No plans at the moment. Some of that specialization can be gained from advanced moves like “Templar,” which allows the Fighter to multi-class as a Cleric for a pseudo-paladin feel. In my weekly game, we’ve taken a liking to the way the basic 4 playbooks interact with gear/heritage/modifiers/traits to create a broad range of character possibilities. Our party right now consists of 5 Fighters and 1 Thief, which you’d think would be too samey, but each Fighter feels and plays completely differently.

    I’m not going to rule out the possibility of adding playbooks down the road. I’m thinking about what a “Freebooters Complete” or “Advanced Freebooters” would look like, and it might make sense to add playbooks, but I will have to think hard about it because right now I like the way the four basic playbooks are working together.

    By all means, though — hack away and make your own!

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