10 thoughts on “Hi all, have a question about DW cleric spell.”

  1. Not as written, but talk to your GM. if they think it would provide too much utility over the standard zombie, maybe they will permit it if you devote one of the traits (based on your success rolling animate dead) to a ‘swarm’ ability.

  2. Joshua Faller im thinkin that cleric could summon a lich that take control of allready summoned spirits. or create accidently some kind of uncontrolled abomination.

  3. Rasmus wernersen originally this were one of my players qustions) I think to list all created zombies in same way as hierlings, ans so each of them will be a little diffrent.

  4. Certainly creating higher undead isn’t part of the move as written, but I don’t see anything that would prevent you from creating several zombies at a time. You will be limited by the stacking -1 to cast a spell, which will mean you’ll end up getting some failures pretty quickly. And I imagine hard moves can get pretty ugly when you surround yourself with zombies.

  5. And another wonderful question: Can i reanimate blacksmith that he create me weapons,  or alchemist to make potions and poisons? if we count that there were found hungry spirit of Blacksmith or Alchemist. Or spirit bound to dead body of blacksmith or alchemist? 

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