2 thoughts on “Revised and Improved (I hope!).”

  1. hmm do the “Alarm”-Mushrooms grow only when you do your bed out of organic matter or every time you sleep?

    Do the fungal healing spores give you the Cleric Moves to cast spells with the restriction to only this spell or how exactly do they work?

    Do you get the -1 in direct sunlight when you take the first move?

    What does the “You may now also spray fungal spores that act as the wizard spell Sleep, Charm Person or Magic Missile.” on 2. Page mean?

    Other than that: Looks really nice. All Abilitys are universally useful, they have flavor and are interesting. Good work!

  2. Vincent Shine Thank you. I will try to clarify in the next draft.

    My current thinking is the “Alarm mushrooms”  do not require organic matter (“grow from the PC’s body”); the fungal spores act as a class spell as if cast by a cleric or magic user of the player’s current level; all the negatives (-1 in direct sunlight, charisma) occur when the player takes the “Mark of the Fungus” move as do the ability to cast Sleep, Charm and Magic Missile Spores.

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