Does the following Move idea work?

Does the following Move idea work?

Does the following Move idea work?

Characters have to sross a ricketty looking bridge above a deep, dark chasm.


On a 10+ choose 3 of the following, on a 7-9 choose two;

You cross successfully.

The bridge does not collapse behind you

You do not drop 1 hand held item.

9 thoughts on “Does the following Move idea work?”

  1. Agreed; the move may have a different name; but all its still just Defy Danger; The name change could add spice as to not saying the same word so often but its no different; the only difference is you have the consequences prepared for this one situation in particular, for defying danger. 

  2. I would use for the post-roll: “On a hit, you make it across successfully; but on a 7-9, choose 1 as well: The bridge collapses behind you, or you lose something in the effort.”

    Because everyone is going to choose “you cross successfully” otherwise.

  3. I tend to dislike mixing & matching “you do X” and “you avoid Y” in pick from the following lists. Its sometimes unavoidable, but I bet you can avoid it.

    Like, maybe like this instead:

    10+ You make it across, no problem.

    7-9 pick 1:

    – You make it across, but the bridge is damaged (cumulative -1 to future attempts to cross it)

    – You make it across, but drop something you were carrying; ask the GM what it was

    – You make it only part-way across; you’ll have to try again, but take +1 forward to do so.

  4. Sure. One way is to make the 10+ result a simple “you do it” (since that’s what getting to choose three out of three options ends up being) and make the 7-9 result a choice between making it across but dropping something important or making it across but having the bridge collapse after everyone gets to the other side.

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