I’ve made 3 custom moves that sometimes I use with my players.

I’ve made 3 custom moves that sometimes I use with my players.

I’ve made 3 custom moves that sometimes I use with my players. I will put them here for you guys to comment, use, and if you feel like it improve upon it. I know that one of the moves has stuff from a move i saw a while back that belonged to someone else. If you can identify it, let me know just for the sake of credits.

Discern Realities

When you closely study a situation or person, roll+Wis.

✴ On a 10+, ask 2 questions

✴ On a 7-9, ask 1.

Questions you can possibly ask:

Is it hiding something from me specifically?

What is it really feeling?

What does it intend to do about __?

What does it wish I’d do?

How could I get it to __?

What’s happened here recently?

What is about to happen?

Who or what should I be wary of here?

What’s my best way in or out?

What am I missing here?

What’s my greatest opportunity here?

What here is useful or valuable to me?

Who’s really in control here?

What here is not what it appears to be?

The reasoning behind this is to allow the player to ask exactly what it wants to know, specially for those moments when the original questions just don’t make sense. When a player triggers the move i ask them what they are trying to do exactly, then they roll, i provide an answer, and then i let them use the extra questions in the event they want to dig deeper into things. Afterwards, they can use the questions they have to build upon that.

Once, the players went in a shop and found the shop owner knocked unconscious behind a pile of paper, one of the players told me that she was looking around to see what happened in the shop, I told them that she could see that someone was looking for something since there were overturned tables and papers everywhere.

she got two questions after rolling, so she used one to ask if there was a way for her to determine who/what it was, i told her that she finds marks on the table that indicate that whoever it was had tossed them with one hand and only had 3 digits

she used her last question to figure out if there were others inside the shop and by the clues they left behind there were a couple of different small creatures also searching, which later turned out to be kobolds.

Here is my take on UPJ, allowing one player to make the roll and others helping him:

Undertake a Perilous Journey

When you guide your party through the wilderness for the day, you act as trailblazer, scout, quartermaster and roll+Wis.

✴ On a 10+, you reduce the number of rations required by one, the amount of time it takes to reach your destination (the GM will say by how much), spot any trouble quick enough to let you get the drop on it.

✴ On a 7–9 You perform your job as expected: the normal number of rations are consumed, the journey takes about as long as expected, no one gets the drop on you but you don’t get the drop on them either.

Other party members can help or get in your way by making the aid or interfere move.

This one is still an experimental move which honestly might not be needed but here it is anyways:

Moving Through the Undercity

When you lead your party through the shadiest areas of a big city, roll+cha.

✴ On a 10+, choose 3

✴ On a 7–9 choose 2

No one gets robbed (1d6 x 10 coins or an item of value).

No one gets into trouble or lost.

It doesnt take long to get where you want to.

Take +1 forward for the next time you need to move through the underworld of this city.

Other party members can help or get in your way by making the aid or interfeer move.

2 thoughts on “I’ve made 3 custom moves that sometimes I use with my players.”

  1. Why all the extra questions for Discern Realities? I find that the original questions cover pretty much everything the players ask. Plus if the player wants to know something that can not be answered by one of the questions, my feeling is that the DM should just _tel_l them them answer rather than trigger DR.

  2. DW page 68, the commentary text underneath Defy Danger says “Unless a move says otherwise players can only ask questions from the list. If a player asks a question not on the list the GM can tell them to try again or answer a question from the list that seems equivalent.”

    Of course, you don’t have to take everything literal and what you suggest of just telling them what the questions from the move won’t answer seems reasonable, but, I wanted to avoid confusion. I made the move open to any questions and provided a list of questions found around the net as suggestions.

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