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  1. RidersOfRohan You are running a campaign in a similar style to one I am running. I just watched the first part of episode .5. I am also running a ‘parallel fantasy world’ game with real time. My ‘move’ is very different, but with the same ideas in mind. Instead of classes, I’ve taken the time to sit down with all my players and make moves around what they want their characters to be. I also have a separate Calendar for the world, a single location, and am running it as an open table. I’m wondering how you’re running luck, fame and such that I glimpsed in your video. When do you guys meet? I would be interested in joining if there is space and time.

  2. You can apply via the link in the video discription; if you subscribe or go directly to my page and don’t you can see all the videos, I have open slots for my New Villain cross over campaign and I have about 2 slots left for this one. Luck is the same exact thing as Dnd Inspiration, The Fame I have a hidden chart for both npcs and places that certain levels will be acknowledged in certain ways, both good and bad. For example Someone jealous might try to claim fame by killing them or besting them, while others might help; like; or even idolize.

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