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  1. The text of Dungeon World is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license. You can make, distribute, and even sell anything you like based on Dungeon World. There has never been an issue in the past with folks using the official DW sheet format for making and selling their own playbooks.

  2. Robert Finamore​, I know there was talk talk before about the format and Google docs inability to open the documents.

    Now I don’t have the know how to do the kind of work you have, or I would, but have you done work on a template Google friendly?

  3. I was able to format the older sheets into an Open Office format, but I have not had time to convert the newer versions.

    The new Word template is fairly sophisticated from a formatting perspective.  I don’t use Google docs, but I checked it out briefly and it does not look like it has the feature set to accommodate the new design.

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