Hey ya’ll

Hey ya’ll

Hey ya’ll

I was hoping for some help for the back story for this thing. Where it came from, who made it, who is looking for it mabye?

It was given to our paladin by a NPC the party helped out. The NPC received the item long ago and was told that one day it would be needed by someone greater than himself.

Golden feather of Comrades

When you use this feather to right the full name of someone you trust with your life, their sole is bound to yours. Rather than going through the gates of Death, they continue to live on through you. They experience everything you do and can communicate with you as if they were right there. They can also attempt to ASSIST you in any way they can. Treat your bond with them as +3. Be wary though, Death does not like it when his souls are taken.

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  1. The quill was enchanted from a feather from  the Immortal Phoenix by Death’s sister Pain to spite her brother and cause him anguish; as this is her nature. It is sought by the Assassins of Grief; a secret order that intends to end all suffering by killing Death himself. The Assassins will use the quill as bait to lure Death to a place of their choosing and attempt an assassination. The order will use any method necessary to obtain this item; possession is extremely hazardous to your health.

  2. Benjamin Kramer has a good point. What does happen if you die first? May be a particularly nasty fate for the one who’s name is on the parchment.

    Also, does one have to be willing to have their name written? Or is it a kinda evil act “stealing” their soul?

  3. I suppose all of the souls attached to you would accompany you through the black gate.

    Never really thought about it being an evil act though, but that would make a lot of sense. Maybe this feather ain’t the holy artifact it appeared to be.

    I wonder what are your thoughts about writing the name of someone who is already dead?

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