Hey everybody!

Hey everybody!

Hey everybody! So I made these tri-folds for the basic classes over a year ago, though I’ve been updating and modifying them as I have time or resources (Photoshop and Adobe).

Felt like sharing now that I have them at a point I’m satisfied with.

Note they are for new characters, and are meant for a bit more quick setup. 

I hope you guys like them!


6 thoughts on “Hey everybody!”

  1. Like the style. Appears to be some missing advanced moves (someone else mentioned that I think). My only turn off, and it’s just a personal taste, is with Wayne Reynold’s art.

  2. Vincent Shine & Krynos Pentegarn – As they were originally made to assist in quick setup/start for new players, with limited space, I went with the most interesting (imo) level up choices.

    From experience and observation, too many choices simply bombard new players. So I tried to limit the overwhelming factor.

    The friends I’m running a game for Just hit level 5 last week, thus opening up the next bracket.

    I planned on updating their character sheets from the beginning. The link below is how they turned out.


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