12 thoughts on “Has the new dungeon world playkit been proofread?”

  1. (I just started a DW campaign using that packet. If there weren’t so damned many text boxes, I’d go through and change the text color from grey to black, and on a lot of pages probably increase the font size… Almost half of the moves page is either the header art or blank white at the bottom. Using that white stripe would have allowed a readable font size on the printouts. (it is glorious on a decent tablet or laptop, but I’m still doing paper games)

  2. Michael Phillips   Thanks for the response. That is most disappointing. I would love for someone to go and do that, but I don’t envy the job required to change that. It’s on the official website, so maybe we can get  the attention of Adam Koebel  or Sage LaTorra  in on getting more action going to making it more printable. For new players,  I think it would be frustrating to see the new play kit not print properly. 

  3. The art is pretty, and with a good printer it is okay. I’m glad I proofed the printouts I made on my (admittedly old) laser printer the morning before my game so I could print them again on a better printer. The basic moves sheet, that I would absolutely grab from one of the DW SRD sites.

  4. When we designed these I tested them on all kinds of printers and didn’t hit any issues. I hesitate to change the whole thing for specific printers; have you tried messing with your printer’s settings?

    I usually print mine on a printer I got for free in college that can’t print much of anything right, and the playkit comes out fine. I did change the printer’s color settings some time ago for some unrelated printing though, so maybe that’s helping me.

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