7 thoughts on “So someone pointed out a discrepancy about Cleric HP.”

  1. But on the playbooks;

    Barbarian is d10 damage and 8+constitution health

    Thief is d8 damage and 6+constitution health

    Immolator is d8 damage and 4+constitution health

    Where is the HP is equal to damage dice rule? Which direction does it go? Does the immolator roll a d4 or does it have 8+constitution health?

  2. I noticed that as soon as i started playing on roll20. I figure it was an error in developing the .pdf character sheets.

    I tend to err in favor of the printed book (unless a mistake is obvious or subsequently corrected in official errata), and also err in favor of the players’ interest.  In this case, both would mean giving The Cleric 8+ Constitution.

  3. Yea, I personally figure Cleric’s have the greater health point amount. The reason being, I think of old school clerics and how they were essentially less good fighters who wore plate, couldn’t use edged weapons and learned spells at level 2.

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