Need help with a class idea

Need help with a class idea

Need help with a class idea

I can’t find anywhere in my searches for a Pokemon trainer class. So the following is a very raw idea. Thoughts appreciated.

The Poke… or uhh Monster Master is based on the Grimm World’s Shaman and Necromancer as well as the Dungeon World’s Ranger.

The idea behind the Monster Master is to capture and command beasts of the world.

My hope for this class is to be usable alongside the other classes as well as in its own setting.

These are the starting moves thus far:

Catch Them All

You have 6 Holding Cubes in which to store beasts and monsters of the world. Each cube is the size of a human hand and nearly weightless. Only one monster may reside inside a single cube.


When you witness a creature lose consciousness, touch an empty Holding Cube to the monster. Roll+CHA

10+: The monster is captured and safely held within the cube to be commanded later. The GM will give you a list of moves the monster may use.

7-9:  Success, but the GM will tell you something unwanted about this monster such as:

-The monster is unpredictable

-It’s lost to much of its strength and isn’t the monster it use to be.

-You must Praise the monster before you can command it.

I Choose You

Hold out a Holding Cube and call forth the captured monster to your side. Hold 3, you may use your holds to Command the monster.


You act through the monster you have captured by commanding it through means of voice, hand waving, or any other manner of communication the two of you may be capable of.  Roll+CHA

10+:  Your command is understood and the monster will perform a move from its move list, your choice.

7-9:  The monster will perform a move from its list, your choice, but also choose one from the list below:

– -1 hold.  If this is your last hold, the monster will complete the move to the best of its abilities, then have no other desire except to return to its Holding Cube. You must Praise it before you may call upon it again.

–  You draw unwanted attention.

–  Your monsters don’t like how you command, -1 Ongoing to your commands towards your monsters until you Praise them.


When you have time to rest (about an hour or more), you may praise your monsters and remove all ill effects you and they have towards each other. You also regain the use of your moves where they are involved.

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  1. I could have sworn someone did this. However, there is a class called the Collector, which can sort of do this as well – though at its core, it’s not really a Pokemon style set of moves. It’s a great playbook anyhow, though. I think it’s a Grim World playbook? I forget.

    Kudos to your work, though. Keep going with it! What type of uses will the hold have, since Command is its own move?

  2. So far Command is the only use for holds, but I’m sure I can think of more.

    The cool thing about this class is going to be how versatile it can be. It’s moves will be based on the monster you catch, so it’s endless!

  3. One issue you may run into is whether the GM actually has moves ready for each creature. That puts a lot of work on the GM. You may want to take that into consideration by implementing ways the player can help, or that the move can help both work quickly together.

  4. Damian Jankowski good point. Hmmm, gotta think a bit. Otherwise, the GM just needs to be prepared…. Maybe a small list, categorized by creature type?

    I’ll check out the collector. At the very least, it may spark some thoughts.


  5. Checked out the preview of the Collector. I’m liking it, but not quite what I’m looking for in my Monster Master (thinking of changing the name to Monster Trainer).

    The Collector has a more Artificer feel mixed with Indiana Jones.

    One thing it did get me thinking about is the open ended moves. Similar to the Wizards Ritual move. Maybe I can use that somewhere. Could help solve the GM load issue too.


    The Collector’s Speaker of Curio’s move is probably the closest thing I can see to a live animal trainer. Hmmm more to think about.

  6. Robert Doe I do like the open-ended feel you allow with your moves so far. My opinion would be likely to lean towards not restricting their animals/creatures to a list but yes to a list that provides boons that each creature provides.

    In regards to the ritualistic tie-in, I am a big fan of letting the player do what they want with a move but then making options that modify it to the flavor they want (whether adding power, armor, etc.) Perhaps the trainer could even determine this as they go. Once they capture a creature, the GM would tell you one major unique characteristic they have, while you spend hold/points/whatever to choose the armor, damage, etc.

    Just a thought!

  7. Spin it off of the cleric raise dead spell.

    You roll for hold, Y on a 10+ and Z on a 7-9

    You have X monster with stats ABCD (like ranger pet) with N health/armor that can use the basic moves at +0.

    Spend hold 1for1 to:

    -Make it smarter (like meowth) and capable of speech/able to roll one basic move at +1

    -Make it tougher, +hp

    -make it stronger, + stat

    I don’t remember the whole list, but that’s where I’d start for monster creation.

    Maybe the gm holds 2 and you hold three, and at any time either of you can define a quality of your monster?

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