Ebonfang Face-eater

Ebonfang Face-eater

Ebonfang Face-eater

Eight legs, a man’s face, and a pile of skulls.

The face-eater is reluctant to engage in combat unless it can isolate it’s prey. It has no damaging attacks, focusing instead on subduing, and then ripping the tasty face off of it’s victims. It lays it’s eggs in it’s victims skulls, which it carries around on it’s back.

HP: 18

Armor: 1

-Pin them down

-Drag them off

-Disappear into the shadows

-Numb them with poison

-Bite their face off

5 thoughts on “Ebonfang Face-eater”

  1. Which came first, the picture or the ‘DW Monster’?

    Great work by the way. There was a movie I watched some time back (B Rate) and it was about ants that has evolved (they have been around allot longer than you and i) in the desert to kill animals and humans and collect there bones and clothing to disguise them/it’s self as one of the group.

    Another ‘B Rate’ movie had a fungus that would infect it’s host and begin to take over the nerves in you body. Creepy stuff, especially sense there is already a fungus that turns insects into zombies….. EEEEEKKK!

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